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Joys of friendship and worship

...a bad action may be all the worse, because of the person who has committed it. When we sin, who are the chosen favorites of heaven, we sin with an emphasis; ours is a crying offence, because we are so peculiarly indulged.

Charles Haddon Spurgeon, Morning and Evening (24 July, Morning: "One of Them")

Yesterday was a day full of friends. Anne and Melissa dropped by for a while in the afternoon as Melissa practiced driving; John Forester called up out of the blue, as he is honeymooning in Seattle; and Annette, Heather, and Nate came over in the evening to catch up and watch Battlestar Galactica. All that, combined with having Connor and Sara over on Friday, has made this a great, relaxed, reconnecting weekend.

Even so, and even though it's work, in some respects I look forward to today even more. Worship trumps it all. It's better than all these many blessings. As the body without food begins to devour itself, or the mind without work turns destructively inward, so the soul without worship tends to feed on itself in voracious self-absorption. And even so, the joy of worship is not simply that it is good for me. The joy of worship is the living God, who inhabits the praises of His people. He shows up there in a way that is unique and glorious, in a way that I am created to need. All these other joys will pass and are but echoes of greater eternal things; worship is glorious and true enough to endure.
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