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Sisko baseball

Things that go bump in the night

Huge moon rising over the lake. For some reason I haven't settled in to write today until now. Productive day at the office and good time with Michael for staff meeting. Tonight's been just a touch restless; nothing to terrible or distracting. It feels good to be out in the night air with a cold drink.

Wrestling through some general life management issues—in this case, finance. Due to past stupidity, rotten stewardship, and out-and-out greed, I've got consumer debt to deal with that I haven't paid much attention to. It's embarrassing, honestly, but it's important that I get hold of it for the future. The problem doesn't get smaller by ignoring it, and while my head is above water (or I may be snorkeling), I haven't done much about getting out of the hole.

James Doohan died today just down the road in Redmond. Ye'll be missed, laddie.
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Hope you get through your issues all right :) I like the Sisko icon!
ahem. yeah. got some of that myself. again with the pride issue.
Re: the debt thing, and the associated head-in-the-sand thing. Been there, done that, got not only the T-shirt but also the matching pants and commemorative novelty necktie.
I'm still making payments on those...
i never knew a good time could be had in a staff meeting. ;)

in the way of finance, if ever you've heard of Dave Ramsey, he is one of the best money guys i've ever heard speak. also the funniest.

hope you get things sorted out.
Amen about Dave Ramsey! And he's a Christian, although he doesn't shout it out; he talks about it if his callers mention it first.
Most of my debt is from nursing school. And this is after scholarships! But yeah, my LASIK surgery was really unnecessary. The car wasn't. And all the hospital bills were kind of unavoidable... So the only one I wish I'd delayed on was the LASIK.