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Things that go bump in the night

Huge moon rising over the lake. For some reason I haven't settled in to write today until now. Productive day at the office and good time with Michael for staff meeting. Tonight's been just a touch restless; nothing to terrible or distracting. It feels good to be out in the night air with a cold drink.

Wrestling through some general life management issues—in this case, finance. Due to past stupidity, rotten stewardship, and out-and-out greed, I've got consumer debt to deal with that I haven't paid much attention to. It's embarrassing, honestly, but it's important that I get hold of it for the future. The problem doesn't get smaller by ignoring it, and while my head is above water (or I may be snorkeling), I haven't done much about getting out of the hole.

James Doohan died today just down the road in Redmond. Ye'll be missed, laddie.
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