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A vignette in idiocy

Let's spend a few moments reflecting on what an idiot I am.

Bought a couple pair of shorts from Value Village this afternoon, and one of them appears to have a belt sewn inside the waistband. The buckle of said belt, one of those plastic clicky things, is dangling out, but the other end is nowhere in sight. When I get home this evening, I spend a good 20 minutes or more trying to fish the other end out of the waistband, with zero progress. Eventually I throw in the towel and try to just pull out the belt, which also fails to work. Then I have a couple of minor epiphanies in rapid succession:
  1. It's not a full belt sewn into the waistband—it's the ends of a belt.
  2. No idea what I was thinking because, since there was no clicky end to click into the plastic buckle, it wouldn't have done me any good to fish out the other end regardless.
So I give up and cut the end of the faux belt off (this must be what has already occurred with the other end), then try the shorts on, only to be hit with Epiphany #3: they're way too big anyway.

So I'll take them back tomorrow for store credit—at least if the next schmoe who buys them is as stupid as I am (unlikely), he won't have to contend with the misleading end of a faux belt. Let's consider it my good deed for the day.
Tags: humor, life, observations

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