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Lord Cruise vs. The Oprah

Trendy, meet Stupid...

As if all the Lance Armstrong hoopla didn't get on my nerves enough: The LIVESTRONG™/Lance Armstrong laptop. The best feature (besides another one of those ubiquitous frickin' wristbands) is that it will automatically leave your wife's lap for Sheryl Crow's. How handy!


HAHAHAHAH you are such a witty man! I love it.
I do try!
I thought I was the only one who didn't think Lance Armstrong was the best thing ever.
I'm not a big fan of worshipped celebrities in general (The Oprah also comes to mind), nor do I tend to like ribbons/buttons/wristbands/merchandising "for a good cause." And the whole divorce part of his story sickens me, so he's 0-3 in my book—winning a dozen more races (doped or not) is unlikely to change my opinion. I'll look elsewhere for heroes.
I have been wearing my LIVESTRONG wristband for somewhere around 450 days now! That means I'm awesome.
I heard that at two years you get your own rock star hottie, and at three, you become immune to cancer!
Whoa, you are walkin' on vera thin ice, there, my brother!

(Although I agree, the laptop is nothing to crow about.)

I know! I'd offend fewer people by talking smack about Jesus (which is part of my problem with the whole phenomenon)!
Nice. Maybe my 8th graders will bring them to camp to go with their wristbands. They all have like 5 of varying colors.
Sweet fancy Moses.
yeah...i'm in austin so it's lance-mania x10. i'm almost startled when i see someone without the bracelet.
They'd probably be the ones I'd want to hang out with.
i don't understand the hype. i think armstrong has some amazing prowess because of overcoming cancer and going on to win 6, hopefully 7, Tours. who gives a rip if he's dating Sheryl Crow. i echo a previously made statement that since no one really knows the details of his marriage and breakup, who are we to friggin' care what's going on with him. maybe i'm delusional about him the way others are of say britney spears or brad pitt, yet when i see this man who is the only tangible evidence of a superman, i have to acknowledge this man has some spectacular physical capabilities.

sorry for the rant
He's no Superman. Feel free to see my response here.
Ha ha! I am thankful to be blissfully ignorant of most of celebrity culture's moronic malfeasence. I don't really know who Lance Armstrong is, but it sounds like it really doesn't matter.
LOL! That's crazy!


That really did make me laugh out loud.


although you couldn't tell by my user pic. lol
HA! Love it.

and all this while watcing the tour on tivo!

This made both Mike and i laugh out loud....and that is alot for mike

he is a biker, and loves to watch the tour...kinda like some men love the superbowl/allstar games
We love lance as a biker...hate his morals

even if i dont know what his marriage story is, i see that he left his wife right after she got pregnant (via invitro so not an oops) with twins. and was dating sheryl a month before his girls were born (uhm shouldnt you be worried about something other than your crotch at that time!) . that and the fact that he is living with her(sheryl) and no wedding in sight, says to me while we may think it is awesome that he has broken a very hard to break tour de france record, i will never ever look to him for inpiration beyond 'peddle faster!'

my 2cents from someone who happens to have to watch him on tv alot (which is why i am very glad he is retiring)