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Exploring Madrona

In Madrona for the evening: my Community Group is meeting for coffee at Vérité Coffee, home of the amazing Cupcake Royale bakery. Can't go wrong there. Just can't.

This is my first time in the Madrona neighborhood, which is odd considering it's just a couple dozen blocks from the office. Unusual vibe here—very upscale urban renewal. From here at the Madrona Eatery and Ale House, I'm picking up no less than six wireless networks. It seems like an easy neighborhood to fall in love with, and the salmon and fresh herbed risotto I just had for dinner was divine (and based on the check, it needed to be).

In addition to enjoying the neighborhood, I just plain love exploring. So fun to look with anticipation and wonder around every corner. I think I'll be back.
Tags: community group, seattle
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