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Faith manages

Where lies the secret strength of faith? It lies in the food it feeds on; for faith studies what the promise is—an emanation of divine grace, an overflowing of the great heart of God; and faith says, "My God could not have given this promise, except from love and grace; therefore it is quite certain His Word will be fulfilled."

Charles Haddon Spurgeon, Morning and Evening (9 July 2005, Morning: "Faith in a Promise")

Spurgeon's words this morning are, by grace, how I've come to understand and walk out faith in God's promises, so much so that I find myself perplexed when other Christians don't hold fast to Him in this way. From an earthly perspective, I've been blessed by solid preaching, teaching, and fellowship that affirms this truth. Only God truly knows all that He's done in my life from a heavenly view, but it has been enough to give me certainty in His promises and the power and grace He commits to them. By no means am I thankful enough for this.

Without a doubt, there are circumstances that can test and shake even faith built on this foundation. That's why it's a foundation, and a necessary one—storms will come, no question. But much of the tossing about I see among my fellow Christians doesn't appear to be about the trying of a strong foundation—it's more often about whims, desires, and God's simple, stubborn refusal to conform to our expectations and make us the center of the universe.

That's a grace.

My encouragement to fellow Christians who find their faith and concept of God assaulted in this way: let Him kill it. He is destroying idols in your life so that you can begin to see Him, and though it may be painful, that pain will be proportional to how tightly you insist on holding onto them as He takes them away. Let Him build in your life a faith based on the promises He's given in His Word. They're based on His character, not your achievement; His grace, not your moods; His authority, not your concept of Him. When the questions come, consider whether they are truly about Him or if they are instead rooted in yourself. He wants to give you something greater to live into.
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