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War of the Worlds: Don't bother.

I love when people effectively use the subject line in emails (especially at work). In my head, there are actually rules for this, because I'm a huge dork. And if someone can use the subject line well, chances are much better that they have something worth reading inside (and it won't be unnecessarily long, etc.).

Rainy Seattle came out today. It's fun, except I don't have a raincoat, which is a really stupid continuing oversight on my part.

I've actually enjoyed talking on the phone lately. Who knew?

Though clearly tragic and deserving of prayer, I don't feel personally affected by the London bombings. Since I don't have a personal connection with the event, it wouldn't make much sense for me to manufacture one. I think being disengaged from television news helps. These things often take on a life of their own, becoming events that make people feel more connected to one another if they respond to them and talk about them. Nothing inherently wrong with that; it's just not happening for me.

This entry features one of my new icons for Irwin's, my friendly neighborhood coffeeshop (from which I'm writing).

Fantastic Four this afternoon. Yes, I get dork points for that, too.
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