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Now that our church's Organization is over, I'll have time to write again. As with any major event, there's a burst of last minute details (and often a headache or two) when you get close to the finish line. Both the Celebrating Grace brunch and the Organization Service were beautiful, wonderful, God-filled celebrations.

Glad to have it all over, too. Toward the end, the busyness and impatient tension at work-- and I count myself a guilty participant-- reminded me of the Year of Hell a little too much. Ironically, this weekend was also opening weekend for the residence halls. The parallel is a touch eerie on the surface, but the similarities vanish when I look a little deeper and remember how loved, worthwhile, and happy I feel at Grace.

Realized that I don't know how to respond to genuine gratitude anymore (if I ever did). As part of the church staff-- a distinction to which I also haven't fully adjusted-- many people expressed true thanks to me for the work put into this weekend. Alex even brought me flowers, and very nearly tears. I'm used to people needing me or respecting me, but not being thankful for me. That's the stuff that can change my heart.

Going into the office today while everyone else takes the day off. I've been looking forward to this, too. The idea of a workday alone in the office is almost more exciting than a day off, and I fairly jumped at the chance. That'll probably be the case tomorrow, too. The potential for catching up on some of the mounds of neglected work is very high and very good.

Coffee time has been so good this morning. Thanks for being with me.

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