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Redeemed desire

Heather and Nate's wedding was beautiful—simple and worshipful. It's not the ceremony or even the couple that moves me as deeply as what has happened and will happen in their marriage. It isn't just about them and their feelings for one another, though all of that certainly has a place. More than that, these two friends have been joined together by God, as a gift to one another and as a gift to the world. It's a foretaste of a greater marriage, between Christ and His Bride. Their presence in the world and with one another is redemptive.

Heather and Nate shared their first kiss when they were pronounced man and wife. Now, I don't personally believe this is some kind of universal standard by which couples should abide, or that so doing is some kind of magical path to happiness. But there was both purity and passion in that kiss. Beauty. Holiness. And I can't help but think that comes from how they've chosen to trust Him and let their relationship be about something bigger than themselves.

These are thoughts and hopes worth holding onto.
Tags: friends, hope, love, marriage, relationships

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