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Yes, this really is all I accomplished today

Lunch with Adam today. Good to catch up and be excited together about what God's doing in our lives and our church. The Indian buffet at Chutney's is never a bad choice, either.

Tried out the hands-free headset for my Sidekick this afternoon. Takes a bit of getting used to, but I found that the most uncomfortable part—jamming a nub of hard plastic into my ear—was more uncomfortable than necessary, because the foam pad of the earbud fell onto the floor before I knew it existed. Next time, I'm sure it will be like a fluffy cloud in my ear. Or something. Doesn't matter much when the call is worth making.

Watched Catch Me If You Can tonight, having read the book a number of years back. Fun flick; enjoyed it more than expected.


I enjoyed Catch Me If You Can a couple of months ago, even though parts of it seemed a little far-fetched. I know it was based on a true story, but him getting away so easily, so many times, was just crazy. Still, it was entertaining and that's the point. :)
Agreed. And on the whole, the parts that seemed far-fetched pretty much matched the book's account of them (which Abagnale wrote). So who knows, but very entertaining!
It was very interesting watching the movie with my Dad (an airline pilot), since he kept pointing out places where Frank Abagnale Jr.'s actions now affect his job. Many of the current pilot security features are in place because of Abagnale's escapades. He was legendary in pilot history, but he also was a pain (dad's words!). But yes, a fun movie overall, and funnier still that Abagnale is still working as a security adviser! :-}
I had a student who played the annoying bully kid in the early substitue teacher part. He reads the worst 'French' you ever heard. On my desk at school I have a framed photo he gave me of himself between Steven Spielberg and Leonard DiCaprio. He's a film student now and keeps in touch pretty regularly. He is hilarious.
That was a good scene. I hope he does as well or better behind the camera.


Chutney's is a great name for an Indian Restaurant. I must come to Seatle so I can eat at all these places you talk so lovingly about.