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Closer and farther away

Out getting some air and trying to clear my head from watching Closer, a horrifying portrait of relationships and the human heart (also sipping on a Brutal Fruit Sultry Strawberry, which is probably counterproductive to the head clearing). What a mess. Even though it was just a film, it really hit home how intricately and thoroughly depraved our hearts can be and how much violence we do to one another when "love" is a euphemism for trying to get what we want, whatever that may be.

With all the other stuff it leaves me feeling, I'm more grateful than anything else. I'm grateful that relationships don't have to be a mad scramble to have our needs and desires met, grateful that love really can and does exist, breaking through even in this messed-up world, not as some kind of guessing game or set of compromises, but through the person of a Savior.

Even with that certain hope, the possibilities of what we can do to one another are frightening. Tread cautiously in dealing with another's heart, and with one's own.
Tags: hope, love, movies, relationships
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