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Not funny

I wonder how much of the way I see things is based on how they objectively are and how much of it is based in my disposition at the time (I don't pretend this is a very original question, or even a well-worded one). Right now, I'm wondering because I just watched last night's The Daily Show with Jon Stewart, which I usually love, and the whole thing just seemed mean-spirited and hostile. Was it just this episode? Or is my heart in a place where I don't like seeing my faith attacked and ridiculed?

Honestly, I love God more than I'm in love with ideas on how to build a better community. I'm more committed to His authority than I am to endless opinions on this, that, or the other thing. And even though I may criticize and poke fun, when His people are genuinely pursuing Him, I hate to see them kicked around from the outside (or even from within by professed Christians who are really working out other issues between themselves and God under the cloak of critique).

As Martin Luther said, "The church may be a whore, but she's my mother."


I've felt like that too a lot :( Especially from some of the more christian-unfriendly places on the internet.
What did you say about my momma?
oh. Martin, you have such a way with words. :D
And it's not funny. It's tragic that it happens, and it's tragic that we're a church that provides the entertainment.
Well, everyone is fair game on The Daily Show. Honestly some Christian groups are shooting themselves in their own foot by being very hateful, exclusive and judgmental. For some reason, they are a lot more vocal and present than the Christians that are not like that. If you felt like that just by watching The Daily Show, imagine what it is like for some minorities that constantly have to take cheap jokes thrown their way, everyday of their lives, and on some occasions persecution/condemnation. This world needs more love. Some of the most self proclaimed "righteous" need to study their faith more.

Didn't mean to offend, but I'm an outsider looking in. I just see/feel so much hate in the general "Christian" population, I feel totally unwelcome in that realm. I am in the south, maybe that is the problem.
One might suggest that if there are things to love, there are also things to hate. No?
No offense at all. You're very right in so many respects, and I'd never pretend that U.S. Christians face much at all in the way of overt oppression (the church around the world is a different story). As for hate, there are unfortunately too many cases where that's coming from the church, and we need to turn from that and ask forgiveness from those we've hurt.

The gospel itself can also be offensive to our sensibilities—hearing that we are sinful and need to repent and believe in God's salvation through Christ and Christ alone isn't very easy to swallow. In our culture, even saying such a thing can easily be categorized as narrow-minded and hateful.

Failing to say it, however, is the truly hateful thing. It's contempt masked as tolerance, withholding hope and healing from people with whom God wants to reconcile because we're either afraid someone won't like us, or we just don't care. Yet if we're speaking without love, we're just making noise. It's a good reminder.
Awesome quote.