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From the weekend into the week

With all thy sins and imperfections, take this to thy comfort: if thy soul has no rest in sin, thou are not as the sinner is! If thou art still crying after and craving after something better, Christ has not forgotten thee, for thou hast not quite forgotten Him. The believer cannot do without his Lord; words are inadequate to express his thoughts of Him.

Charles Haddon Spurgeon, Morning and Evening (26 June, Evening: "No Rest in Sin")

This is an amazing devotion; recommended reading it in its entirety. Very much something I needed.

The weekend was outstanding. I can't write enough good things about barlow_girl: if you know Amy already, you'd know I wasn't doing her justice, and if you haven't met her, you'll just be jealous that I did (as well you should be). I will say that I had a fantastic time (even down to putting up with Ian the Cheesy Elevator Operator at the Space Needle) and wish she could have stayed a week instead of a day. Friends at church were also quite taken with her (which isn't at all surprising).

So today, it's back to everyday life, which isn't nearly as exciting. Setting up the program for Nate and Heather's wedding this Saturday—I can hardly believe it's already upon us. John also comes back this week, which will be nice. And Michael preaches for his first time with us this Sunday. The guy's a gem and I'm looking forward to it.
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