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Seattle fog

barlow_girl comes to Seattle!

So excited for today. Actually, I have been for some time. Why? Because I get to meet and hang out with barlow_girl all day! It's her first visit here since she was a kid, so we'll do some exploring of the city, including the Space Needle (I haven't actually gone there yet, either). I'm thinking some time at Pike Place Market and on the water would also be fun. Heck, I'm even hoping it will be sunny out—me, of all people! Whodathunkit? Tonight we'll have dinner and see Diane Schuur at Jazz Alley. I've seen her twice there; it's always a fantastic show.

Mostly, I just hope Amy has a great visit at the end of a well-deserved vacation. I love this city and get excited to show her off (the city, not barlow_girl—though come to think of it, the sentence works both ways).
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What a great day!

Have you two met in person before?
Nope—should be fun!
Is your icon a pic of Seatle? Tell me that's not a digusting blanket of smog?

I'm hating north America lately - even green beautiful Ottawa has been smog covered for half the month of June. I'm not looking forward to these next two months.
It's Seattle, but no, that's actual fog, not smog (that kind of smog would be disgusting!). Seattle seems to have really clean air, as far as I can tell.
Awesome :) you kids have a good time!
You've never been to the Space Needle?? Blasphemy!!
It's true. I've been to the Seattle Center a few times, but never went up the needle.
Don't forget your $12! (or however much it is now)
Holy Schnikes!
According to this, it's actually $13!
Maybe I could go halfway up. Or just not come down.
It's worth a try!
Oh man! Nice Icon! :'D
my only recommendation is hitting the Space Needle for breakfast...you can stay longer and the price of the food also covers the trip up in the elevator (approx. $25 for breakfast versus the $10/15 charge for the trip up).

have fun!
Kiss her for me.
Dude, I was in Seattle on Saturday too! We probably passed each other on the street or something 'movie-esqe' like that.
Too cool! And yes, I'm sure we all passed each other. That's the way it always works, right?