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barlow_girl comes to Seattle!

So excited for today. Actually, I have been for some time. Why? Because I get to meet and hang out with barlow_girl all day! It's her first visit here since she was a kid, so we'll do some exploring of the city, including the Space Needle (I haven't actually gone there yet, either). I'm thinking some time at Pike Place Market and on the water would also be fun. Heck, I'm even hoping it will be sunny out—me, of all people! Whodathunkit? Tonight we'll have dinner and see Diane Schuur at Jazz Alley. I've seen her twice there; it's always a fantastic show.

Mostly, I just hope Amy has a great visit at the end of a well-deserved vacation. I love this city and get excited to show her off (the city, not barlow_girl—though come to think of it, the sentence works both ways).
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