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I'm not a Democrat anymore, and at this rate, I never will be again

Watching The Daily Show with Jon Stewart: Howard Dean is on, Stewart is repeatedly asking him to give specifics of how the Democratic Party would deal with issues differently than the Republican-led government is currently doing, and Dean is instead emotionally bashing Republicans, giving vague rhetoric, and sucking up to Stewart's audience. I was willing to listen to this guy and give him a chance since he's seemed so caricatured in the media, but he has instead confirmed that he's a nutbar who takes perfect opportunities and turns them into crap (see his 2004 presidential campaign for another great example).


You too?

I seriously didn't think anyone else was up at this hour. I should have known that you aren't 'just anyone' else!

Re: You too?

Of course not. :) Had trouble sleeping, so I'm going to give it another try...

Re: You too?

The both of you need to go to sleep. I'm the only one who's supposed to be awake right now.

Re: You too?

Sorry...been up for over two hours now...only woke up about an hour early.

You guys are the ones that are the surprises. :-)
I'm the only guy listening to Air America in LA. It's mostly conspiracy theories, which are amusing, and name calling, e.g. "It's because they [the Bush Administration] are thugs! And that's what thugs do!" No analysis, jus name calling and self-congratulation. Meanwhile, the other side have mastered talk radio. Dean is doing a lousy job and will only preach to the choir. There are legitimate arguments to be made. No one will be motivated by name calling and frustration.
Conspiracy theories are the staple of both sides. So sad.
The mouth that won't stop flapping.

Yeah, it's really a cult of personality around the guy. He's NOT the guy you want to represent your party. While people may complain Dean is unfairly mischaracterized in media, he's the one that keeps feeding that image.
I'm not anything. I don't identify with repubs, with dems, or even with libertarians which I thought I was. But I have fundamental differences with them too. I don't know what I am.
Amen to that. Man, I miss the Daily Show!