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No bullshit

Bucking the internet norms

Internet and/or LiveJournal conventions I never (or almost never) do:
  • Refer to people just by their initial(s).
  • Put actions between asterisks.
  • Abbreviate phrases (LOL, OMG, WTF, etc.).
  • Use emoticons in journal entries.
  • Communicate with individuals via public journal entries (rather than just emailing them).
  • Post surveys.
  • Post forwards.
  • Post quizzes (rarely).


OMG you are such a rebel.


:) :) :) :)


Son of a ....


That is EXACTLY what I was thinking. Right down to the icon.

Aw, Mr. T needs a hug!

Communicate with individuals via public journal entries (rather than just emailing them, or posting a comment in their journal, or IMing them, or calling them, or replying to one of their comments).

Someone on my friends list does this CONSTANTLY and it bugs the crap out of me. Then again, I'm sure I do plenty of things that bug the crap out of plenty of people.
Some days the internet seems to only serve as a way to have the crap bugged out of me.
Obviously we're here for the other days.
Besides the fact that I am a huge snob. But that couldn't have anything to do with it. No way.
I'm such a snob I don't even think of myself as a snob.
oh, man. i still owe you some music list! don't worry, i'm on it.
Fear not. I am very, very bad with such things.
I think it is perhaps a cultural, or let
us say an age thing? we, more me than you,
are older than average here.
I have, of those things,communicated with
people via their lj or blog if the email
address I have seems to not produce a needed
response...and used initials when I do not
want the name of the person to be on record
(as I did in Sicily when I did not wish that
it be clear who was in our group) since my
thing has a range of readers in various place
with a range of intentions perhaps...
the other things I cannor imagine doing
except possibly "post forwards" not quite
sure what that entails? but I expect it
may ,again , be a cultural/and or age thing.


and if surveys equals polls I like to
do that periodically if I can think of one
that is interesting in some way...the thing
with polls is that they allow people to
respond without really writing much, or even
if they explain their response it can be rather
easy. I think one sometimes finds it difficult
to respond even to a journal one evaluates
hightly...well ,uh, this is not a suggestion
that you do a poll, but I have not found a
way to engage yours regularly in response
though it is a serious and good journal.

Re: and

By "surveys," I meant the 20-100+ question self-inventory questionnaires I often see posted around the internet (again, probably an age thing). I like polls and would utilize them more if I thought of interesting things to ask.

Clearly, what one seeks from internet interactions also dictates some of which conventions to which one subscribes. In journaling, for example, I'm usually not primarily looking for interaction. I value it (or else I'd use a less interactive channel), but it is the proverbial icing on the cake (and like icing, can spoil the cake when misapplied or overdone). Journals that are primarily more interactive look different and subscribe to other conventions. I don't usually ascribe an objective value to the difference, just a subjective one.

(Well, unless they're just plain stupid. But I don't tend to clutter my internet life with that.)
yes...quite true, it depends on
the objective...I suppose I think of mine
as somewhere between a journal and a little
magazine, particularly in the latter role
interaction is desirable maybe.
Indeed. There are ways in which LiveJournal and the internet keep me keenly aware of age and gender differences. Daily flesh-and-blood interactions often don't confront me as directly with how differently we all think (much less behave).


another pet peeve of mine is the
expression ((hugs)) or *hugs*
it seems like those greeting cards
in stores with the thoughts already
written out, an avoidance of finding
the words...at least
"if I were there, and without words
I would perhaps embrace you or at
least smile and sit quietly with you--
and I wish I could be there in
support somehow but...etc"

Re: another

Hmmm. I, too, cringe at the various *hugs* expressions we see here (oh, much worse is *huggles*) ... but my reaction surprises me particularly because I'm a very touchy-feely person who gives real hugs quite liberally.
well, yes...I am not avoidant of,
you know,an embrace or a hug or that...
not touchy feely but not the opposite.
but I think what I react against is the
virtual hug which is not a hug at all is
it? anyway I think its in there...in the
sense of something unreal and counterfeit
but of course it can be a natural way of
expresseing real feeling for some so
one tries to rein in the aggravation...

Perhaps. :P

(Though I hope no one is too affected just by what I choose to do/not do!)
I can't begin to tell you how completely irritating it is to me when people write "lol" in regular writing. Or when they generally use any sort of "Instant Message" slang in writing. Geez. Use the real words. It won't take too much more time.
Man, that LOL thing really gets me.

and, oops, sorry if I've been irritating doing the following:

Post surveys.

Post forwards.

Post quizzes (rarely).
This is just a list of stuff I don't do, so no worries.
Actions between asterisks? I usually use asterisks when I want to emphasis a word, but I don't have the energy to type out the html to put it in italics (which is silly, I suppose, but true)....

I'm not sure what you mean.
There's an example in one of my earlier comments.
Hehe. Okay, you got me. I didn't read all 25 comments thoroughly before I posted.


The funny thing about actions between asterisks: I do it sometimes, but I hate it if people do it and it reads awkward. Like if someone *smiles* in the middle of a sentence, I read it as a pause in what they're saying.

I post surveys if I can make them at all funny, just because I like having an excuse to talk about myself, and it guarantees something to say.

I'm addicted to emoticons, but only in my comments. This one is surprisingly emoticon free... and I will resist the urge to add in a bunch at the end to make up for it.