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Standing on liquid

Couldn't go to the office today. Just couldn't. It's gorgeous today, and all I want to do right now is be here, on my patio, finishing my late breakfast, reading for pleasure, jotting out thoughts as they come, listening to music, and enjoying the perfect mix of sun and shade. John's out and everything I have to do will keep.

Here's the catch-22 about belief:
  1. We all do what we do based on what we believe. Not what we say we believe, but what we really believe, even if only in the moment. All of us. Every one.
  2. We live in a time and culture where we are told all beliefs are to be valued/appreciated/celebrated equally. One of the only "wrongs" is not to agree with this.
  3. Some of us (and in some ways, all of us) do some horrible things based on what we believe (see pinkroo's post and thisglimpse's post for this morning's examples on a governmental scale).
  4. Because of #2, those things can't really be classified as wrong, because they were based on #1.
I'm not saying anything new or revolutionary here; I guess I'm just surprised that we're surprised as much as we are. We still experience the outrage of knowing something is wrong, but immediately run into dissonance, because we aren't really allowed to use that category for anything anymore. If we do, it's conditional and relative, shifting so quickly that it's much more liquid than solid. And good luck standing on liquid.

But Jesus could do it, so I'll trust Him.
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