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There's next to nothing going through my mind right now, which doesn't lend itself to good journalling. It's fun to sit here at Irwin's and watch people parade by in their leisure pursuits. Many have packs and jackets and belts and hats that make it look like they're on an expedition instead of a weekend stroll. Also lots of dogs and childre, with the accompanying accessories for each. More than anyplace I've ever lived, people here seem bent on being outfitted for what ever occasion may (or may not) be happening. Very Bobo.

Noticing the packed westbound busses, I'm remembering that today is also the Fremont Fair. Naked bicyclists are an annual staple of today's parade (and proof that the words "naked" and "staple" should never be used in the same sentence), which I suppose is the polar opposite of being outfitted. No wonder it's so active outside—I may reschedule my work errands in light of that, since it will snarl traffic for a while.
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