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Fun, faith, and futility

Saw Batman Begins with Pete Wednesday, which was a treat on all levels. Great flick, great company. I generally suck at initiating with people, so I'm glad it occurred to me. The cold truth is that most of my closest friendships are atrophied or dead, and I bear some responsibility for that in many cases. So I can either spend my days brooding over a neglected garden, or I can commence planting and watering.

Today is a day of Eels: live in-studio on KEXP at noon, show at The Moore this evening. Jury's still out on whether I'll to buck up for the show, but it's good to have the option.

Tags are here. I have no idea how to use them or whether they'll be of use at all.

Praying, as I can, for my cousin's daughter, who was born tremendously prematurely on Wednesday and weighs one pound. One pound. One of the reasons it's been hard for me to pray about it is that I can't even grasp it in a way that has any hope at all. That's my limit, not God's, but I'm running into it nonetheless. My acceptance of and peace with life, when I have it, is often based on futility rather than faith, regardless of how I may cover it with the latter. A circumstance like this does a lot of revealing.
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