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Fun, faith, and futility

Saw Batman Begins with Pete Wednesday, which was a treat on all levels. Great flick, great company. I generally suck at initiating with people, so I'm glad it occurred to me. The cold truth is that most of my closest friendships are atrophied or dead, and I bear some responsibility for that in many cases. So I can either spend my days brooding over a neglected garden, or I can commence planting and watering.

Today is a day of Eels: live in-studio on KEXP at noon, show at The Moore this evening. Jury's still out on whether I'll to buck up for the show, but it's good to have the option.

Tags are here. I have no idea how to use them or whether they'll be of use at all.

Praying, as I can, for my cousin's daughter, who was born tremendously prematurely on Wednesday and weighs one pound. One pound. One of the reasons it's been hard for me to pray about it is that I can't even grasp it in a way that has any hope at all. That's my limit, not God's, but I'm running into it nonetheless. My acceptance of and peace with life, when I have it, is often based on futility rather than faith, regardless of how I may cover it with the latter. A circumstance like this does a lot of revealing.


Eels!!! Love them. Have you heard "it's a motherf*cker without you" ? I think that's my favorite.

I don't get the tags.
I just listened to that a little while ago.
I also like the one that starts out with someone saying, "I'm not having any fun...not having any fun." Don't remember the title though. Beautiful freak is a cool song too.
I need to see it, haven't seen anyone say they haven't liked it yet...

What's your icon?
The icon is from this thread.

I believe the smallest baby was under a pound

I'm not sure, but it's possible for survival even if under one pound. I will pray. I can understand your 'no hope' feeling though. It's a scary time when a baby is that small, and modern medicine can only do so much.
Goodness, a whole bunch of stuff got switched around on your LJ. Interesting. And I think I'm gonna have to investigate those tags...

As a nurse it's often hard for me to deal with children with severe disabilities. That's why I don't work in the Neonatal ICU. Then again, my primary client right now has cerebral palsy, and while his eyes work perfectly, his brain only sees light and dark. I could just feel pity, but I've learned to enjoy what he has. He's very ticklish, and all I have to do is touch the back of his neck to make him laugh.

I don't know if God will ever heal my client; I doubt it just because God teaches us important lessons through these children. But even through difficult times, there are always moments of joy. Seize them.
The switch-around you see on my journal right now is part of a geeky little trick I use when I'm reading LJ from my Sidekick. I'll have to mention it sometime. I switch it back when I'm no longer on the move.
One pound is scary light. I was thinking of all the things that are 1 pound ... a bag of sugar ... 1/3 of my laptop ... 1/2 of those tiny exercise weights ... things that you can hold in a palm. It's hard to imagine myself ever being that light ... much less myself outside of a womb that light.

It's comforting to know that He is intimately aware of and cares about things that size ... and even smaller ... like sparrows.