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The church

As I continue to be struck by the beauty of God's work in the church, the following affirmation from the upcoming Sunday's Order of Worship (adapted from Lesslie Newbigin's The Open Secret) seems especially powerful:
Q.      What do you believe about the church?
A.      The church is a movement launched by God
               into the life of the world.
          The church is to bear in its own life
               God’s gift of peace for the life of the world.

          The church is a sinful, weak, and divided community.
          But because it is the community of Jesus, the Savior of sinners,
               it is the place where the healing reign of God is actually present.
          God is present in the church,
               not because of any power or goodness of its own.
          Instead, God is present in the church to demonstrate
               that he is the God of all grace.


A verse from a song Steve Green sang:

We believe in the Spirit
Who makes believers one
Our hearts are filled with his presence
The Comforter has come
His kingdom unfolds in His plan
Unhindered by quarrels of man
His church upheld by His hand
We believe

The reminder amazes me and makes me bow....