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Slow moving object

"Whosoever will, let him take the water of life freely."
—Revelation 22:17

Jesus says, "take freely." He wants no payment or preparation. He seeks no recommendation from our virtuous emotions. If you have no good feelings, if you be but willing, you are invited; therefore come! You have no belief and no repentance—come to Him, and He will give them to you. Come just as you are, and take "Freely," without money and without price. He gives Himself to needy ones.

Charles Haddon Spurgeon, Morning and Evening (14 June, Morning: "Take Freely")

What a stunning devotion this morning. I need to hear that, often.

The days have been gorgeous, with plenty of sun and clouds alike. I like not having to choose between the two.

John's away for a couple of days, so work is less structured. Had coffee with Dave yesterday, who I hadn't seen in probably a year. He and Carrie seem to be doing well on Bainbridge. Good to catch up with him.

Tonight is Micah's houseapartmentwarming party. Not far to go, since his new place is just around the block from the office. Maybe I'll bring him a plant, since all the plants at my place are donations from him just before he left for Scotland last year.

Got tagged for some memes or something, but I confess that I haven't kept track. I'm a LiveJournal disappointment.


I love that song by the eels, I rarely come across an Eels fan.
I ♥ Eels.
would I heart eels if I knew eels?
Oh yes! At least, I think/hope so!
me too, me too!

They're playing Seattle on Friday! With strings!
Who's playing with strings?? All of them?
Yes, they had a mini-orchestra (I didn't go, though).
I'm a LiveJournal disappointment.

You so are not.
1. He gives Himself to needy ones.

that's so good. i was just thinking today how needy i can be. beautiful that what i get is Himself.

2. Good to catch up with old friends.

3. Plants are always a good idea.

4. Only if we're keeping score via memes. Which I have a hunch we're not. :o]
That quote goes well with the devotion I gave at staff break today... it was out of Hosea (all of chapter 3).... I was thinking His love is almost ridiculous. He's faithful, full of hope and love and when have we ever deserved it.

Does that mean we don't have to strive to deserve it? I'm thinking so. It's just extravagant and outrageous no matter what. The craziest thing is how we hear that and then feel guilty about how we've responded to His love. Which is just bass-ackwards. If He's still amazing even when we're not amazed by His amazingness, it doesn't stop Him from being amazing.
Doesn't even the word "deserve" make you think "de-serve"... like take the act of service out of the gift by being worthy of it?

now I'm just rambling... but it's a good lesson today.