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Sunday's child

Pleasant outside today. I've enjoyed taking more meals and breaks on the patio. It's a way of being intentionally still, and that's a practice I need.

Jeremy and Jenae's wedding was wonderful, as expected. Such dear ones. It was an honor to read and pray for them. Nate and Heather's wedding is coming up in another few weeks, then I'm done for a while.

Encouraged to read so many friends (journeyto, moneysocal, onesamtwo, vineofcrescendo) encountering God through His Church today. We can certainly find God in nature, but that's not His Body. We can catch glimpses through art, but art isn't His Bride. He inhabits the praises of His people—that's where He can be found. There are a host of reasons to forsake the Church (or to redefine it as "people/things I'm comfortable with"), but none of them comes from God. To claim to follow Jesus while rejecting His Body and Bride seems dishonest to me. I just don't understand how that can be so.

Evening Worship in a couple of hours, then "Grace On Tap" at Conor Byrne. Good times.
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