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Orange skies

Enjoying the night's breeze and a cup of tea out on the patio, nestled under the Japanese maple. Nothing of note to write; just wanted to spend some time out here, and writing makes a good excuse.

Finished up Fahrenheit 9/11. Regardless of political belief, the one thing that seems clear from the film is that Michael Moore is a manipulative, bitter man. How ironic that a man can be so large and so very, very small at the same time.

Pagliacci's gave me my pizza on the house tonight. I was delighted.

Looking at the patch of sky blanketed by low clouds, orange with the light of the city, I'm wistful and remember. It wasn't until college in Houston that I'd seen the night sky that way—in Iowa, the nights were star-filled, pitch black, or somewhere in between. The city's light was new to me, and I remember so many nights spent on a hidden rooftop perch, looking up with tears in my eyes and so many questions of God. That still happens.


This is such a lovely post. I've read and reread it several times. Thank you.

Fahrenheit and Me

Boy, I remember when that film first came out. A lot of people were very angry. Some people got upset at me for referring to Fahrenheit 9/11 as a documentary. I thought it was a very accurate document of Michael Moore's political daydreams and personal insecurities. I never took it too seriously and had a great time. It seemed like everyone took the film way too seriously (those for it and those against it), and maybe that really was Moore's fault (because he often took himself a little too seriously). But, for a handful of us who could step outside of our own political daydreams and laugh at it all, we had a great time and laughed a lot. And then had some meaningful conversations afterward.
Pizza... on the house! Sounds great :D
How ironic that a man can be so large and so very, very small at the same time.