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Coming undone

Our church orchestra's new CD, Depth of Mercy, is now available for online purchase. You can also check out sample tracks from the order page. I am so glad to be getting this out there—it's beautiful.

I continue to be messy with my life. Nothing is irredeemable, but I easily settle (or grab for) a life far less than the one Christ offers me. I say that with a smile on my face, because He Himself is the way—He is the gate through which I pass, He is the vine from which I grow, He is my rest and my reward. While I can run from Him, I can't undo Him or screw Him up.

And He runs faster than I do. And I get tired long before He does.

Sometimes we believe what we want to; sometimes we believe what we have to. It takes courage, patience, and perhaps even a little foolhardiness to hold out until we believe what is true. Often, that will undo us—if so, then let us be undone in the hope of being true.
Tags: grace, music, truth

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