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I can't remember the last time I slept through the night, but last night's sleep was better than most. I dream fairly regularly; most are about a failure of my past or the redemption of one of them. If you think I'm hard on myself when I'm awake, you should see me when I'm asleep.

How many of us pretend to want to hear from God, yet ignore what He's already said? For example, I recently overheard this statement (from a Christian): "Maybe this is God's way of telling me not to listen to gossip." Truth is, God has already told us not to listen to gossip. He's also been perfectly clear on whether we are to be part of a church, how to treat the poor, the oppressed, and the stranger, whether to have sex outside of marriage, how to use our time and money, whether to worry, etc. It's ridiculous to claim we are seeking God's direction or listening for His voice when we really just want another shake of the Magic 8-Ball.

Thankfully, He is full of grace. He doesn't pretend to want to hear from us; He asks us over and over to come to Him. He doesn't abandon us, even though we are fickle and faithless. He doesn't pretend to love us—He really does.
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