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Tapped out

Body is fatigued and aching, for little to no apparent reason. Not good—I have a pub outing, a church intro seminar, and a bachelor party this weekend, plus work and worship all day Sunday. The fatigue is also mental and emotional. I'm continually frustrated with my weakness, my lack of energy, discipline, restraint, patience, love. It comes out as frustration with other things, but deep down, I really wish I had enough of these qualities just to keep up with life. It's such a good life; I just don't seem to have enough in me to live it well.


you live better than you think you do.

may your heart in fact be *astonished* today,
as that will bring more life to your tired body than anything else.

it's a hard reality, knowing that we lack enough love, enough energy, enough patience, enough restraint. it's there to be had.

or you could just come to texas. :p
I know that feeling all too well. Hang in there. xo
Was reading in Isaiah 40 this morning and it strikes me again now - how God says we are but grass and in the same passage says He will make us run and not be weary. May you be trusting His strength for all of the lack you see.

And enjoy your beer. :o]
You are so hard on yourself. Do you ever let yourself do something just for you? Hard to give out of an empty cup.