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This is the busiest week for work, as our church organizes officially this Sunday. It's history, good history-- an ebenezer to God's faithfulness and His amazing work among us. And how deeply good to have such a clear and firm reminder of His presence and love in the time when we need it most.

Yesterday I made some calls to our sister church in San Francisco, only to also discover that my counterpart there is Vicki, the roommate of my friend Daniela. I've known her for years. Joy!

I did somehow get in the middle of interpersonal work/church drama yesterday, which is still beyond my comprehension. Suzanne took the day off (since she's been working like mad, including all day Sunday), and told me to tell Tommy and make sure he knew she wasn't mad or anything (I guess because of interpersonal stuff on Sunday, including her spending all day talking with his wife). Or at least, that's what I thought she said. So I told him, he reacted with a, "why would she be mad at me?" (she isn't-- that was the message!), apparently called her, she called me, saying "I hope you don't think I'm mad at Tommy," I tried weakly to explain, but whatever I did (wrong) was done. Even Dave observed that I'd managed to step in something. And if you think it's tiresome and confusing to read, imagine being in it. All I could/can do is let it go-- I acted in good faith, Jesus is my only defense, and I'm only likely to do more harm by dredging through explanation and justification. People have their skins on inside out; we all need rest and healing.

If the day goes as planned, I'll go to Mark's sometime after work to help him with his Mac. It's a good opportunity to spend more time with him, even though it does go against my hermit/couch potato tendencies. I'm not a total hermit by any means; it's just that, like anyone, there are people who energize me and I feel I can be relaxed with, and others are just not (yet) so. Mark's in category two, emphasis on "yet." Since action must sometimes precede feeling, I go. Faith.

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