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Love your children well

A young couple is strapped down with apparatuses to carry their children. The father has a contraption that carries the eldest on his back, but could easily be adapted to a backpacking tour of Europe. The mother has a softer pocket for the youngest in front of her, as if she were a kangaroo carrying her joey. She also has the dog's leash in hand, completing the portrait of domestic bliss. Regardless of their extensive equipment, I hope they love their children well. You just never know how much time you have.

It's Memorial Day again, so no wonder my emotions are on inside out. "When the response doesn't equal the stimulus, there must be another stimulus." It's probably why I'm thinking so much about relationships, too. Everything's misdirected and out of joint. In my dreams I found myself longing for Maryland, a different past than the one I usually remember today. It's settling back down, but it took me until eleven to shower and get out of the house.

I have a lot to sort out.
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