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Group hiatus

Realizing that I'm close to the end of my rope leading my Community Group, which isn't a bad thing at all. Nothing terrible (or even unusual) is happening, and I love them all dearly—I just need a break from our routine, and I think they do, too. It often seems as if people are stuck in relating to one another around their fears, insecurities, and wounds, and I think my way of leading has contributed to this. I haven't been as strong on the lighter, social end of things, which may be just the thing to get people unstuck and reconnected based on something other than our needs.

So I think I'll propose a summer break of sorts. That's actually normal for Community Groups, but I haven't had one as a leader or a member for years now. During the summer we can have periodic, varied social stuff, and perhaps even service project or a prayer meeting. Jeremy and Jenae will be busy with wedding and honeymoon anyway, and Melissa plans to travel home for a bit, so it makes sense in that respect as well. Regardless, we're stuck, and I'm stuck, and that makes it a perfect time to shake things up.

Meeting with Alex this afternoon regarding my group, so this will be a great thing to bounce off of him. I honestly wasn't sure what I was going to talk with him about before. You'd almost think there was a plan or something...

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