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Group hiatus

Realizing that I'm close to the end of my rope leading my Community Group, which isn't a bad thing at all. Nothing terrible (or even unusual) is happening, and I love them all dearly—I just need a break from our routine, and I think they do, too. It often seems as if people are stuck in relating to one another around their fears, insecurities, and wounds, and I think my way of leading has contributed to this. I haven't been as strong on the lighter, social end of things, which may be just the thing to get people unstuck and reconnected based on something other than our needs.

So I think I'll propose a summer break of sorts. That's actually normal for Community Groups, but I haven't had one as a leader or a member for years now. During the summer we can have periodic, varied social stuff, and perhaps even service project or a prayer meeting. Jeremy and Jenae will be busy with wedding and honeymoon anyway, and Melissa plans to travel home for a bit, so it makes sense in that respect as well. Regardless, we're stuck, and I'm stuck, and that makes it a perfect time to shake things up.

Meeting with Alex this afternoon regarding my group, so this will be a great thing to bounce off of him. I honestly wasn't sure what I was going to talk with him about before. You'd almost think there was a plan or something...


too open?

Do you think that the effort to be open and honest and vulnerable..even the effort to be humble has led to the obsession with sharing heartache and hurt and needs. I have one or two people I share my guts with but I try to present a "life rolls on in Jesus" kind of face to the majority of my brothers and sisters in Christ. Some may say that I'm keeping up a front but I don't see it that way. What is the draw to a Christian life lived as if it were one continuous therapy session. I learned this the hard way by the loss of a close friend who just got sick of my moaning. Give me some feedback oh wise drinker of much coffe!

Re: too open?

For me, it's all about perspective. I think we need a few people we can open up to, and that's different than emotionally vomiting on anyone within radius. We also need perspective on suffering—being connected to the historic church, as well as to the poor and oppressed, can help us see where our struggles fit in the larger picture. More than anything, we know that we suffer momentary, light affliction, with the cross behind us and our promised resurrection before us.

That said, it's not a perfect world and none of us is perfect in it. Our emotional needs aren't nonexistent; sometimes they're very important. Hopefully in Christ we can find some middle ground between an ongoing therapy session (bleh) and faking joy (double bleh).
good call.