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Geek holiday

My work week grew increasingly productive, to the point that I got all my weekly tasks wrapped up yesterday. So I'm taking today as a geek holiday, and just came from the 7:30 screening of Star Wars: Revenge of the Sith at Cinerama. Arrived just over an hour early and the line already stretched around the block. Fortunately, its end was directly in front of a small espresso shop, so I was able to get sufficiently caffeinated (there was a guy from the Starbucks up the block taking orders from the line, but A) I didn't know that, and 2) I would have felt so, so dirty).

No spoilers here—my fear of same is one of the main reasons I went early. Sometimes LJ has a way of keeping me more up to date than I want to be. Enjoyed all the fans in costume (Princess Leia just walked by) and the film itself.

Now I'm across the street from the theater at Top Pot Doughnuts, enjoying a Bavarian creme and a simple mug of joe. The balcony here is a great vantage point, and I had the forethought to bring my iBook. Not so hard to remember once I'm already in geek mode, but really, when am I not? It doesn't really take much wit or talent to make fun of geeks/nerds/etc., I've learned, which makes it easier for me not to be concerned with that.

Along similar lines, wondering if part of enjoying people more (at least for me) actually involves ignoring more things so I can pay better attention to what really is important. And some of the most powerful things to ignore are inside me—my craving of recognition, my desire to see others behave in accordance with my preferences, my intolerance for anything that seems needy or nonsensical. I can be staggeringly brutal and cruel, even if only in my head and heart. All that and more keeps my relationships from being as simple and free as they could be, keeps me from living as a citizen and ambassador of the coming Kingdom.

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