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Trying to settle down

Disappointed that I couldn't make some hang time with jasonmonster and scillymonster work this afternoon. I'm such a spaz sometimes. Hope they'll be back in the neighborhood soon.

Just made tea and opened the door to get some fresh nighttime air in. Sometimes I just can't seem to get comfortable.

Been craving a trip to Vegas lately.

Really need to write out the rest of my in-process thoughts on Blue Like Jazz soon. I've refrained from reading further until I do, but I want to get back into it.


Been craving a trip to Vegas lately

you meant "north carolina," not "vegas," right?


i know that it's our turn to fly across the continent, but do know we'll soon have a bed (and a bathroom) waiting for you to be a guest. *grin*
But would NC be anywhere near as fun without you as my driver?