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Coffee talk

Came to Victrola this morning because I have a couple of errands to run in the vicinity. Upon sitting down, noticed a guy in conversation at the next table who was speaking at a volume annoying to me, both in decibels and in quantity. My headphones are along for the ride, so no problem, but a second look revealed that he's a guy who's annoyed me before, in more than one coffee shop (he's just aged a bit, with more gray in his hear and adding a beard). The more things change, the more they stay the same.

Speaking of change, noticed a sign indicating that Victrola will be shutting down its wireless internet on weekends to encourage conversation and to keep traffic moving. They get swamped on weekends, so it makes sense philosophically and practically. That said, it will be sad to lose this as a Sunday morning retreat when I want to write. I haven't been doing so much lately, however.

Update: I also got to see nerdgoddess—how cool is that?

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