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Being here now

"I pray not that Thou shouldst take them out of the world."

—John 17:15

It is a sweet and blessed event which will occur to all believers in God's own time—the going home to be with Jesus. In a few more years the Lord's soldiers, who are now fighting "the good fight of faith" will have done with conflict, and have entered into the joy of their Lord. But although Christ prays that His people may eventually be with Him where He is, He does not ask that they may be taken at once away from this world to heaven. He wishes them to stay here. Yet how frequently does the wearied pilgrim put up the prayer, "O that I had wings like a dove! for then would I fly away and be at rest;" but Christ does not pray like that, He leaves us in His Father's hands, until, like shocks of corn fully ripe, we shall each be gathered into our Master's garner. Jesus does not plead for our instant removal by death, for to abide in the flesh is needful for others if not profitable for ourselves. He asks that we may be kept from evil, but He never asks for us to be admitted to the inheritance in glory till we are of full age. Christians often want to die when they have any trouble. Ask them why, and they tell you, "Because we would be with the Lord."

We fear it is not so much because they are longing to be with the Lord, as because they desire to get rid of their troubles; else they would feel the same wish to die at other times when not under the pressure of trial. They want to go home, not so much for the Saviour's company, as to be at rest. Now it is quite right to desire to depart if we can do it in the same spirit that Paul did, because to be with Christ is far better, but the wish to escape from trouble is a selfish one. Rather let your care and wish be to glorify God by your life here as long as He pleases, even though it be in the midst of toil, and conflict, and suffering, and leave Him to say when "it is enough."

Charles Haddon Spurgeon, Morning and Evening (3 May, Morning: "Jesus' Prayer for Us")

Jesus' prayer in John 17 has long been one of the most powerful passages of Scripture for me. Elsewhere there are many stories, many teachings, many commands and principles, but this is Jesus' prayer, His prayer for me. Not only does it expose His heart for me in a unique way, but it is the prayer of the Son to the Father. If I do not believe that this prayer will be completely fulfilled, I might as well give up on the whole enterprise.

Loved having Jeremy over to cook out yesterday. Talked about everything under the sun: art, worship, church, community, family, and his upcoming wedding. Also got to introduce him to The Venture Bros., which is pure comedy genius.

Samantha and Kara also brought down flowers last night as a thank you for helping put out the fire in their living room Sunday. Sweet and completely unexpected.

Being lazy about the day today; not going into the office until later if at all. Just depends on what I can get done if it's worth the trip. Looking forward to interviewing Megan at CG tonight.


Just had to ask

I have a friend named Jeremy who is getting married in the next few weeks...in Maine...but he spends a lot of time our your way...is this the same Jeremy...hmmm?

And you are sooo right..John 17 gives me chills.

Re: Just had to ask

Nope. This is Jeremy from my Community Group. Small world, but not that small (yet).