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Community Group soon. I look forward to the fellowship, to time in the Word and in prayer. Something deep in me also longs for the "not yet"—I want to be free with them, to walk out of the cramped personal dramas and run together, unfettered, in the wilds of the larger story.

It's not the people that make me weary, I'm learning, any more than it is truly myself I want to escape so often. It's the garbage that has attached itself to us. Some of it we've invited in, some is well cultivated and deliberately grown within us, some has been laid on our backs until we are fairly crushed. And we've come to believe, about others and ourselves, that this is truly who we are. Not so.

Lord, open my eyes to who You created. Who You forgave. Who You redeemed. Who You are forming. Who You delight in. Who You have called "Beautiful." Who You have called "Mine." Who You love. Your people, Your Body, Your Bride. Teach us who we are.

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