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Memory blocks

So I'm watching Star Wars Episode II: Attack of the Clones for the third time, and I'm still barely remembering it from the first two. I think I've done a serious number on my own head.

Upstairs neighbors are having a pig roast; I got the pseudo invitation ("you're welcome to come, but mostly because your the downstairs neighbor and we don't want our party to make you mad") yesterday; I'm sure it was meant in earnest, but I have a lot of trouble going alone to big gatherings where I know next to no one.

Lunch today with friends at Agua Verde. Yum. It's practically a stone's throw away; how have I missed it until now?


I sometimes wish I could watch a great movie that I have seen many times, and it be like I had never seen it before. Did you enjoy the movie the third time around? :)

I did, though who knows how long I'll remember it!
i have always wanted to go to a pig roast!

but i, too, tend to avoid events where i don't know many people...
You can't remember Ep II because Ep II is so eminently forgettable.

And that's the worst invitation I've ever heard.
That's funny—marm made the same comment on Episode II in 2003.

And that's totally my interpretation of the invite, based on the fact that I got it while walking outside the night before.
Hmm, yes, very funny.

Your interpretation is probably valid. Anytime it's tagged on at the last moment, it has that whiff of afterthought or duty.

But that could be because I hate people.


is it like that all around you?

arty and pretty like that?

if so, do you have more pics of your area???? i don't know what's next, i applied to a school in san francisco, but i have been there, and it's..."eh" although more visually stimulating than here. i always thought of seattle as just being...gray.

Re: aguaverde.com

It's gorgeous. There are plenty of grey days, but it's the most beautiful place I've ever lived. Mountains, water, green everywhere. My neighborhood is like a big garden and I'm a couple blocks away from the water.

I don't have any pictures on hand, but you might want to do a search and check it out. I love it here!
That place is incredible. Cheap and tasty.
Now that's the kind of body cleanse I can sign on for.