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Friendship and geekery

Ifs, buts, and perhapses, are sure murderers of peace and comfort. Doubts are dreary things in times of sorrow. Like wasps they sting the soul! If I have any suspicion that Christ is not mine, then there is vinegar mingled with the gall of death; but if I know that Jesus lives for me, then darkness is not dark: even the night is light about me. Surely if Job, in those ages before the coming and advent of Christ, could say, "I know," [Job 19:25] we should not speak less positively. God forbid that our positiveness should be presumption. Let us see that our evidences are right, lest we build upon an ungrounded hope; and then let us not be satisfied with the mere foundation, for it is from the upper rooms that we get the widest prospect. A living Redeemer, truly mine, is joy unspeakable.

Charles Haddon Spurgeon, Morning and Evening (22 April, Morning: "Knowledge of the Redeemer")

No love from the wireless at Irwin's; c'est la vie. Today is such a perfect day for me to have off! It's sunny and expecting a high in the mid 70s.

The week's been active and well-paced. Time is much easier to deal with when I accept two facts:
  1. There are never enough hours in the day to do everything I want or feel I should.
  2. The hours of each day are always enough—it's the rhythm God created, and I need to let it limit and even protect me rather than getting frustrated and feeling overwhelmed or defeated.

Ah, I think I've squeezed a little life out of this wireless signal after all. Never say die.

Annette, Heather, Nate, Connor, and Sara are coming over tonight to watch the Battlestar Galactica mini-series. It's the first time the first three and the last two have ever hung out together, so that's especially cool. Took me forever to hunt down the DVD, though; ended up heading out to U Village Blockbuster to rent it late last night. Anyone who knows me knows that a trip to U Village is just shy of making a deal with the devil in my economy. These are the lengths I'll go for friendship and geekery.

Speaking of the latter, I bought comic books this week for the first time in five years or so. Mostly a whim; it felt strange even to hold one. They were such a huge part of my childhood. I could spend hours and hours in the pages, in worlds where both the fantastic and heroism had a place. It was good to visit with my old friends again.


What a wonderful revelation on time. Thank you for sharing it.
So, I was telling jmcphers about your Rebecca St. James post and thought that it should be shared with him. Any idea of the time period it was written in?
My LJ client lets me search for stuff pretty well, so I found it. Here it is: 10 September 2004, "Wait for me NOW!"
Thanks so much! I'm sure he'll find it as amusing as I did.
You've posted various comments and little phrases from Morning/Evening by Spurgeon, and I believe some things from The Pursuit of God/The Pursuit of Man by AW Tozer.
Apparently you constantly posting things such as this has had a bit of an effect on El, as she sees how that stuff helps you.
She got them for me the other day. I'm only two days into the books, but they've been a blessing so far.
Just wanted to say thanks.
God Bless.
You're welcome. It's pretty random for me, but when something strikes me, I'll put it up and/or write about it. When that helps others, too, then all the better.