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It is a blessed thing for a man, when he has brought his desires into a focus, so that they all centre in one object. When he has fifty different desires, his heart resembles a mere of stagnant water, spread out into a marsh, breeding miasma and pestilence; but when all his desires are brought into one channel, his heart becomes like a river of pure water, running swiftly to fertilize the fields. Happy is he who hath one desire, if that one desire be set on Christ, though it may not yet have been realized. If Jesus be a soul's desire, it is a blessed sign of divine work within. Such a man will never be content with mere ordinances. He will say, "I want Christ; I must have Him—mere ordinances are of no use to me; I want Himself; do not offer me these; you offer me the empty pitcher, while I am dying of thirst; give me water, or I die. Jesus is my soul's desire. I would see Jesus!"

Charles Haddon Spurgeon, Morning and Evening (18 April, Evening: "A Singular Desire")

Full days lately. Evening Worship was at a different location yesterday, so there was a cluster of one-time logistics. Tonight was a birthday celebration for my friend Jim at Cedars—good friends and delicious food. Was the only single person at the table, but that's not something that really gets to me in that kind of setting. Age and experience, I suppose.

Reflecting on Spurgeon tonight, I recognize my heart being all over the map accounts for much of my weariness. I am encouraged that I can see Him at work, whittling down the voices and rabbit trails I allow to distract me from Him. Yet I fight Him in this, too, often filling empty spaces with diversions and empty pursuits. I'm thankful I can draw the line with some of them; there's still far to go.

For now, I see the truth and beauty of this One desire. This is grace. May it overshadow me, becoming the measure of all things, the lens through which I see reality.

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