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Money, money, money

Just arranged to pay the IRS my whopping $136 in outstanding taxes for 2004. Though I miss out on the refund happiness so many enjoy, I'd much rather pay a bit than give the federal government an interest-free loan for a year. Heaven knows they wouldn't be interested in doing the reverse.

I'm a day ahead of where I usually am at this point in the work week, which is good, because there's oodles of office financial stuff to get done.

Favorite randomness of the morning: entering data for households "Bacon" and "Burger" back to back.

Update: Now it's a toss up—I just entered data for "Huie" and "Lewis"!


It's refreshing to find another soul with the same IRS strategy. No intrest-free loans to the government for me, thank you very much!! I will admit, though, I rejoiced to owe only $185 this year as opposed to $635 last year....