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Seeing Him at every turn

Regardless of how good a game I may or may not talk, I rarely truly believe in the power of the gospel to change people (including me). Thankfully, God doesn't need my approval and stands ready to surprise me, in ways I cannot attribute to anyone but Him. I've been repeatedly and seriously stunned over the past couple of weeks.

My friends list is really moving me this morning. unblinkable's story of teaching her youngest son to play Clue sounds so similar to the way I relate to God, and lunasparrow reminds me of the power of God's grace in an ordinary world where things often don't come out as I'd wish. And there are others.

My new addiction is the blueberry muffins at Irwin's. So good. Haven't been taking spending time over coffee like this on workdays, so it feels nice to do it again. When it warms up and the siding/painting work is done on the house, I'll probably have more breakfasts on my patio as well.


mmm, muffins :)
i want to say something so bad it's burning, but oh well. :P
What is it?
heh. i'm not quite sure, that's why it scares me. but it's all up in my face at the moment, and just trying to find some kind of word....

i'll figure it out.
Can't help thinking sometimes that God is teaching us the some stuff at around the same time. It's nice to have a fellow traveller.