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Sunshine on my shoulder

The great empires of the world, as Napoleon said in a moment of candor, depend on force. In contrast to these worldly empires, Jesus was given by the creator God an empire built on love. As we ourselves open our lives to the warmth of that love we begin to lose our fear; as we begin to lose our fear, we begin to become people through whom the power of that love can flow out into the world that so badly needs it. This is an essential part of what it means to follow Jesus.

—N.T. Wright, Following Jesus

That's from the cover of last Sunday's Order of Worship. I do love my church.

Though I've been sick, and though it's probably still too chilly, I'm having my breakfast (Earl Grey, raisin bagel, and fresh strawberries) on the patio. The morning is unusually sunny, and I didn't want to pass that up for as long as it lasts. The sunlight is doing me some good.
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