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Who's there?

Edit: Well, that was fun while it lasted...


I'm here...whats this??
A little gadget that shows the last few people to view the entry. I learned it here.
What is that???????
See above for the scoop, yo!
This meme makes me look like I have OCD.
It's because you're stalking me. Fess up.


Its me..not feelin' this journal thing lately.....have more desire to connect with some real live people, look then in the eye, hear their voices and makc friends....kinda in a weird mood...forgive me.

Re: hey!

Us virtual people will be around when you get tired of real live people. :)
I be here...you be there? ;-)
I be here.
No secrets here. I always read your posts. :)
You'd better. :)
hey, i'm finally on there, woo.
Gee, you noticed. How nice.
I'm so confused!


I was too late... *hangs head*

That's right.
I'm the man.
I... don't get it.
Meeeeeeeee either, but I'll say "howdy" regardless. Howdy!!