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The whole world in His hands

Underground at the café of The Elliott Bay Book Company, drinking the day's first coffee at noon. Was in the office this morning, but will spend much of the rest of the day in the city, precipitated by a necessary visit to the IRS for work (as long as I can get the form I'm looking for, no one needs to get hurt). This is one of my favorite places, if all too rarely visited. The buzz of the Pioneer Square lunch crowd has begun.

I wish I could be out in the city more often. I absolutely love it.

Not feeling so hot, and may raincheck for Community Group tonight. It's an interview night, so it's even easier to proceed without me. Almost as if there's a plan or something...

Yesterday I had a meeting related to the church finances, including our giving deficit (over $20,000 so far in 2005). Today I opened an envelope holding a check that all but eliminated that deficit. We are all stunned.

I seem to be getting better about trusting God's sovereignty in relation to the world. It's a sentiment I don't know if I can capture well. I feel better able to entrust Him with protecting His own reputation, with the hearts and minds of others, with all those things He's said and proved he can be trusted with. It's not nearly as hard to accept His sovereignty in my own life, but I can get bogged in how many things external to me need truth, justice, love, fixing, healing. My response is often something less than compassion.

So I haven't been jumping at any hint of drama, haven't been rushing in to correct any possible error, haven't been banging my head against the wall when people refuse to want to be well (John 5). I will set myself to trust Him with those things. He is faithful. And true compassion will never come while I'm running around trying to be God; it will only come from trusting that He is. And He is.


it's fun to worry about the coffee and let him take care of the deficit

it was a hard lesson for me - and still is, sometimes - that god doesn't need me to defend him. it is not my place to have to prove his goodness or validate his purposes. he is, and i become once i understand that.

rest is a good place. a friend of mine had a great vision once about how the lion (of judah) governs out of his rest; it was in that place of rest that he was free to rule rightly. i wrote a bunch about that image and thought... because i have seen how much in my own life that is true.

hope you feel better.

Re: it's fun to worry about the coffee and let him take care of the deficit

Thank you for sharing that with me.

Re: it's fun to worry about the coffee and let him take care of the deficit

Wow. I needed to hear that lion reference. Thanks for posting.
beautiful. all of that.

Another song here, as seems to be my new habit. :o] This one is a Brit, Tim Hughes. We've been singing this song at church lately.
Thank you—I'll have to listen soon.
"My response is often something less than compassion."

D@m! Brotha is speakin' to ME!
Speaking to me, but you're welcome to come along for the ride!
I'm there.

your thoughts today

I appreciated your words...I too am guilty of trying to "play Holy Spirit" for others when I need to sit back and listen to the REAL Holy Spirit for myself. I wish I could visit Seattle again. It was one of my all time favorite places. I didn't feel "different" in Seattle like I often do here.

Re: your thoughts today

If the opportunity ever does arise for a visit, I'd love to meet you!

Re: your thoughts today

you said it....now you can't back out! Maybe one day!
I wish I could be out in the city more often. I absolutely love it.
You just reminded me how excited I am! I'm going to Seattle!!!