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Narcissus unleashed

Wow. People are really full of themselves.


Note to self: DIE TO SELF!
And this is a surprise to you because....

We really are a sick and selfish bunch, we humans. :-(
Not surprised in the least.
I think it was Mork who said,

"These humans I'm observing...they're strangely self-absorbed. It requires more study to understand."

It was during the time he'd speak to his leader through the egg. Powerful.
Orson. His name was Orson.
YOU HATE ME!!!!!1!1!11
Yeah. Like me.

For your info...


I recently started reading the book "Blue Like Jazz" by Donald Miller, and you and Jeremy both came to mind as I have been reading. I think y'all would really like this book. I think it's great, and it really sheds a whole new light on a different perspective of Christianity...in a good way. It's definitely a lot more "real" than anything else I've read, if that makes any sense. But just thought I'd throw that suggestion your way.

Re: For your info...

Thanks, Tara! I've heard a fair amount of buzz, but this is the first personal recommendation I've gotten Sounds like I may need to check it out!

Re: For your info...

donald miller was just here in austin, and spoke every night for a week on faith and culture and _blue like jazz_. he was amazing. i haven't read it yet personally, but i intend to very soon... and have it highly recommended from very close and trustworthy friends.
glad to hear of another out there who liked the book...