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Maybe, but I doubt it...

Heard on this week's Queer Eye for the Straight Guy:
Our fraternity, Sigma Chi, you know, it's an organization that, you know, I can't wear the Sigma Chi shirt and go out and do something stupid, because I'm representing 20,000 people. So it's like, I'm being held accountable to live by, like, a higher standard.

—Cameron Allahverdi
Apparently things have changed radically since I was in college.


Good call. I remember reacting to that quote with a healthy dose of cynicism as well.
And such cynicism is indeed healthy!
Well, and like apparently now it is like within the definition of that "higher standard" to use like as a breathing-pause filler in, like, every like sentence.
If that were the worst thing in the Sigma Chi "higher standard," I'd be fairly giddy.
that episode was filmed at my school...we're all so proud...
Oh, I can only imagine...

(At the University of Houston, we were equally "proud" of our Sigma Chis.)


my wife and I taught at a boarding school for teens who had been in varying degrees of trouble. When we had to resolve conflict..daily...the use of "like" among the 16 teenaged girls was more than I could stand

"She was like,using my stuff and I like told her to get the hell of my,like, room and she,like, slapped me and like, I really got,like, pissed......and on and on and on and on

Re: "like"

My eyes would roll to the back of my head.