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Through the haze

Don't know that I'd have gotten out this morning if I hadn't needed to pay the rent. Ended up too exhausted by the end of yesterday to haul my ass to the bank. Though I'm not 100%, I'm glad to be out and getting some fresh air. Continually stunned at how beautiful my neighborhood is. Why doesn't everyone live here?

Speaking of why—why did I rent Scooby Doo 2: Monsters Unleashed? It wasn't terrible or anything; I just have no idea why I did it. Maybe the newness of DVDs and home theater is wearing off. Even if it is, it will probably take a few months for the cheekprints to come out of my couch cushions.

Probably not going to feel up to Connor and Sara's engagement party this evening, which is a bummer. Have to have them over for dinner sometime soon.

Whoa. Really tired all of a sudden. Time to go home.


I didn;t even know there was a scooby doo 2 @_@


the real question is..Why did they even MAKE Scooby Doo 2?

Re: ?????????????

So that I could rent it, of course!