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Go you!

A chippa kind of day

Yesterday I had a chippa kind of day, and I don't want too much time to pass before documenting it. Here are the two distinctives that made me think of dear ol' Chip:

I had a celebrity dream. Sunday night I dreamed I was hanging out with Demi Moore. No, it wasn't one of those dreams, or else I wouldn't be writing about it. We got along really well and had great chemistry. She admitted she was attracted to me and told me she preferred my personality to Ashton or Bruce. As we discussed whether there was a future for us, she suggested that I should take better care of myself (I guess she's shallow like that). Upon waking up, I considered whether I would change my lifestyle and get in shape if romance with Demi hung in the balance. The fact that I'm not sure shows how stubborn I am.

I drank a mojito. Phil and Robin had the staff and families over for a post-Easter brunch yesterday afternoon. Lots of good food and drink, but when we had mojitos along with our lamb, I knew it was indeed a chippa kind of day.



That entry made me first smile, then laugh. It sounds like a fine day, indeed.
It's like "Single White Female"!!! AH!
you get demi moore and i get YOU.
*spits out milk*
There's no accounting for taste.
I have dreams like that all the time! (Ok not all the time, but on several different occasions.)
I have dreams where I am close with a celebrity. They are often very powerful emotionally.
I knew I'd find it.
See I told you
Mine apparently aren't powerful enough to get me to change my ways.
It was pretty crazy to read you dream, because it has just reminded me of so many of mine.
i actually had a banzai dream once. i was in Seattle going from coffee shop to coffee shop, and was thinking i'd run into you at Victrola.

it's possible i spend too much time on LJ.
There should be a banzai dream support group. You and dondlion can be the founding members.
No way!! I've have ... two, I think ... similar banzai dreams that involved me ending up in Seattle randomly, then me deciding to stalk him. I visited the church, some park, a house with a bubble window, and finally found him in Victrola. Yeah.

am I doing that irritating affirming thing if all I say is:
" I like mojito's too!" ?
Nope. If you ever come visit Seattle, it'll be coffee in the daytime and mojitos by night!