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Resurrection day

Christ is risen!

Working earlier than usual; Easter is the last day of the year I want to be caught off guard if I can avoid it. Being early gives me a chance to linger at Victrola a bit (a rarity) and prepare the sanctuary in quiet.

No words of mine can do Easter justice. What happened today dictates how I live, what matters and what doesn't, what I hold onto and what I leave behind, what I dare to risk and what I dare to hope. It is easy for me to forget, so this day is about remembering and celebrating. There are many distractions which have come to be attached to it—clothing and chocolates, baskets and bunnies—but as Jesus reminded Martha, only one thing is necessary.

He is risen indeed! Alleluia!


happy resurrection day, banzai!

Happy easter dude!
happy easter.

by the way: i don't know you.
But you do have a lovely tattoo!
He is risen indeed. :o]
Happy Resurrection Day! (belated, but oh well)

I didn't get to go to Church this year... :(