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Almost home

Sweet, sweet weekend. Not a thing planned; my only commitment just got moved from Saturday morning to next Friday evening. That'll make for a pretty straight run of evening plans for the next week or so (Tuesday, Thursday, Friday, Sunday, Monday, and Tuesday), but the future has enough trouble of its own.

The more often I'm here, the more I'm convinced that the interiors at Irwin's were done by my landlord. Same palette of colors, same textures, even some of the same moldings. No wonder it feels homey to me.

My Lenten resolve has been spotty at best. That's part of the point of an annual examination period for the heart. So, while I am discouraged by some of the things I have to face about myself, I am far more encouraged by the One who has begun a good work in me and promises to see it through to completion. He is faithful, and that is ever the point—particularly when my eyes open to a few of the many ways I am not.

There's a strength, a power, a courage in me that is not of my own making. Thank you, Spirit. Help me let go of myself and depend on You.

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