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Happy St. Patty's Day!

Here's a special greeting for all my friends, one which I believe expresses the true spirit of the holiday. Consider it my gift to you.
Message from David


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When my memory comes back, I might be mad about that whole Dutch girl thing.
Isn't he the guy in the Spongebob movie?
Does that make him gay?


Can't work...cant look away....too horny..so sexy...sooo GERMAN ....

*sharmayne explodes*
OH that made me crack up!!!!! Great stuff , thank you!
My eyes!!
*speaking in a hushed whisper into my watch*

Kit, meet me around back. And make sure to bring the Guinness.
Knight Rider: Irish Edition.
ack!!!! Now I definitely need that Bailey's Irish Cream when I get home. :)
Not enough in the world...
augh! my eyes, my eyes! I thought we were past shirtless David Hasselhoff after the much-needed cancelation of Babewatch, er, I mean, Baywatch! :-O!

;-) LOL - that was totally not what I was expecting to see on my friend's page today. :-D Thanks for making me laugh. :) Happy St. Patrick's Day to you too.
No one expects The Hasselhoff.
So you're saying St. Patrick is gay?
No, but I think he was in a movie with Spongebob.
He doesn't even look drunk.
Makes me feel the need to drink, though. A lot.
i'm feeling kinda grossed out now.

thanks. :|
there are no words.
Is there a dance, perhaps? Or maybe a jig?

Oh my!

I just threw up green chunks! Your sense of humor is right up my alley. Keep it up!
Oh, the humanity.
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