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One down, miles to go

Great day yesterday. I don't get many 15-hour workdays, and it's not a habit I want to develop, but for a day like yesterday, it's worth it. Evening Worship launch was exhilarating; very excited for it to continue and grow. Grace On Tap was also excellent. Spent most of my time there with friends I really enjoy but don't know as well, and met some new folks in the deal. I think Phileas Fogg was my favorite set of the night.

For whatever reason, I've been continually off-kilter emotionally of late. Intense feelings that get attached to the wrong things, or nothing in particular. At this point, I've concluded that it's relatively harmless so long as I don't fixate on it. I'm doing OK and I know it; there's just something in me that persistently tries to convince me that I'm not. Just as a pilot sometimes has to fly on instruments only, right now I need to navigate life based on what I know rather than just what I feel.

Erick and Melissa are coming over tonight for dinner. I really enjoy having people over more often (and have been looking forward to this for a while); it's just challenging to balance, and I struggle with my desire to be a hermit as well.


ah, I can be like that too at times